vineri, 12 august 2016

Tour Wizard software review

First of all I should tell everyone that this is not the actual full review of this piece of software, as I am not allowed to disclose all the relevant information due to the fact that the study was in fact ordered by one of our clients (that are enjoying our consultancy services) and therefore we are not allowed to publish the whole materials and also the conclusion in the next couple of months.

We are also aware about the fact that in a couple of months our study will not be that relevant anymore, as the market is constantly changing, as the software solutions in the market are evolving or transforming, but anyway, we are still going to make this short - in fact very short - presentation.

The reason thtat made us choose Tour Wizard consists in the fact that this is the software solution that received ou"Gold award" and we decided that it is the best virtual tour software solution on the market, after analysing more than 5 different solutions from different vendors with different licensing types.

While all the software solutions in this industry tend to offer more or less the same facilities, the Tour Wizard solution is one of the most versatile in terms of customization and options that are available to the actual user. Also, the fact that this software solution comes with support from the company that has created it is really great, as not all the users are really that technical and they do not have the understanding of fixing all the wrong things that can happen in the "workplace".

Also, the fact that this software can be used online, and the fact that it really packs some of the most fine online marketing tools made us evaluate it as the best solution out there.

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